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Hatchery Packer

Hatchery Packer

Most gentle egg handling solution available, specifically designed for handling fertile eggs. Transferring eggs into hatchery setter trays of different kinds.

The SANOVO Hatchery Packer gently transfers fertile eggs coming from the hen house onto setter trays, ready for transport to the hatchery. It runs with a maximum speed of up to 28,000 eggs/hour (78 cases/hour). For farms working with fertilized eggs, the hatchability rate is the ultimate measure for success. With its unique design, the Hatchery Packer positively contributes to that.

Air-cushioned rollers are used to increase sensitivity by which the eggs are transported. A suspended cup-conveyor system ensures a smooth egg conveying toward the transfer area with an egg point-down placement percentage of >99.8%. The hygienic open-cup design creates a maximum supporting surface area, considering different egg shapes and sizes. Finally, the long vacuum suction heads made of natural rubber move every egg safely into the setter tray.

Automated packing operation with the Hatchery Packer increases hatchability rates and saves labor. We offer different models to fit your specific production and use of setter trays.


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