"It is a money and labor saver"

Craig Meyers from Knoxville, North Carolina acquired a Hatchery packer and it has been a blessing ever since

Craig Meyers has a breeder farm in Knoxville, North Carolina, where they grow chickens for Perdue Farms. They are a layer farm and built their first houses in 2014, where they picked up eggs by hand for the first two flocks until they found out about SANOVO. 

"We put in the egg packing system and a conveyer system, and it's been a blessing ever since. We have been able to keep the same amount of help that we had picking up eggs by hand, to do the eggs with the SANOVO people, plus one more house. We have added another house and been able to do it with the same amount of help, and that is just phenomenal for us."

"It's a money saver, labor saver and they (SANOVO) take pride in their work, which in return shows by the quality and the care that they do, as they take care of our eggs."


Watch the video below to learn more about Craig Myers' experience with our Hatchery packer.

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