New concept designed to be operated by a single employee

Drost Pluimveebedrijf in the Netherlands were looking for a machine that could run with as few employees as possible and supply what the market needed, without an excessive investment.

In July 2013, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP provided an egg grading solution to Drost Pluimveebedrijf. The grading solution is not the usual solution seen in the consumer egg market, where eggs need to be classified in multiple categories. The more standard grading solution would have multiple packing lanes that offer a very differentiated collection of final product.

Installation of a new concept

SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP installed a new concept, consisting of a Farmgrader 80 and two Farmpackers. This concept was designed to be operated by a single employee. The Farmgrader, with its capacity of 28,000 eggs per hour, is the smallest electronic grader of its kind. It is able to distinguish up to five weight classes and can redirect the egg flow through its three exits. The Drost Farmgrader creates two separate egg flows. One fulfils premium market needs, in this case for uniform-sized eggs for pharmaceutical customers. The remaining eggs will go to the consumer market.

The solution also consisted of two Farmpackers 24000. These machines were selected based on their very gentle egg packing characteristics and ability to handle special types of trays. These machines take care of automatic packing. Depending on the market to be served, the automatic packing can be taken care of by Farmpackers, Hatchery Packers or Repackers. In case of the Broiler market, a Farmgrader 80 solution is equipped with Hatchery Packers to place uniform size eggs onto setter trays. If the premium market demands the eggs in consumer packs, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP is able to provide Repackers, a solution that can handle, for example, 12 or 10 packs. Depending on the need or capacity, combinations and extensions can be made.

After months of operation, the Drost Company is content with the solution provided. SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP supplied a site in which one single operator can take care of candling, grading & packing the eggs, and still have time to take care of the whole farm with the chickens and keep the farm, the grading and packing room clean.

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"Do you want production optimised by being able to control the weight of supplied cases? Or do you have a premium market that demands continuous uniform size eggs? Then this is your solution."

- Owner Drost Pluimveebedrijf

Drost Pluimveebedrijf