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Sonosteam Poultry Disinfection System

Sonosteam Poultry Disinfection System

Chemical-free decontamination system, unique combination of ultrasound and steam, bacteria-killing of up to 7-8 logs within just 1-2 seconds.

The Sonosteam Poultry Disinfection System is an in-line poultry processing module for chemical-free disinfection. This system has proven successful in reducing Campylobacter, an infectious and deadly bacteria, commonly found on broiler surfaces.

Campylobacter continues to be the most commonly reported gastrointestinal bacterial pathogen in humans in the EU and has been so since 2005. Whereas Salmonella is the second most common cause of foodborne diseases. That is why an efficient decontamination system is absolutely crucial to ensure qualitative poultry products, and Sonosteam Poultry Disinfection achieves that by 7-8 log reduction in just 1-2 seconds. On top of that, this system is a true alternative to chemical disinfection methods, for a more sustainable production.


  • Control pathogen invasion of your products
  • Control Salmonella and Campylobacter levels
  • Increase product value through longer shelf-life
  • Protect against product recalls
  • Alternative to a chemical-based disinfection

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