"The automation is definitely a time saver"

Delmar Glenn bought a Hatchery packer

Delmar Glenn and his wife Kathy own the Glenn Family Farm, a Perdue breeder farm.
When they first started they had to do everything by hand. This meant very long work days and hard labor. Doing everything by hand was a challenge for Delmar Glenn because he only has one arm. Because of the Hatchery packer it is now possible to have only one person run the house.

"Before we got our equipment in for the automation and had to factor in the robot, we had to do everything by hand. And by me only having one arm, it is a real extreme challenge for me doing things. I drop a lot of eggs and I break a lot of eggs. With the machine it picks them up gently, it places them inside there. It has cut our work time well in half. The labor that you spend and the cost of what it would cost you for the equipment stuff, it would pay for itself time and time again. If you are looking to get into this industry and you have four or five employees doing this, you could cut back and save money that way. And in time when the machines are paid for and you are making all profit, you don't have to worry about continuing paying employees and things of that nature."

"The machine is outstanding! I did get a report, stating that I had 100% perfect right side up eggs. None of my eggs were upside down, which made me feel good about the automation. I used to help a couple that had their farm, and they would have upside down eggs - would place them upside down. It's just human nature. The automation is definitely a time saver."

"If you're in this industry currently or are looking to get in this industry, I highly recommend you look into this type of equipment and get some type of automation. It will definitely make your life a whole lot easier."


Watch the video below and listen to Delmar Glenn's comments about our Hatchery packer.

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