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HatchPerformance - Trolley Loader

HatchPerformance - Trolley Loader

From barn to hatchery without human contact. Automatic and efficient stacking of setter trays into trolleys. Supports all common setter tray brands.

The HatchPerformance Trolley Loader for setter trays releases your employees from heavy lifting by automatically loading filled setter trays onto a trolley. This it can do with up to 30.000 eggs/hour, which equals around eight trolleys/hour.

As part of the HatchPerformance Line, the Trolley Loader rounds off your packing operations for maximum efficiency. For example, a Chickmaster 165 setter tray has 16 layers of 10kg within one trolley, requiring an employee to lift this weight 8 times until it is filled up. Loaded setter trays are picked up by the gripper head, suitable for various tray brands, and loaded automatically into an empty position in the trolley. There is space for two trolleys, giving you an extra buffer before exchanging a full with an empty trolley. Trolleys are fixed in their position to make sure they do not move during operation.

Automated setter tray loading further contributes to higher hatchability rates and your overall return on investment. We offer different models to fit your specific production layout and use of setter trays.


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