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HatchPerformance - Egg Grader

HatchPerformance - Egg Grader

Ensuring equal chick sizes in hatch boxes! For lowering mortality rates after hatching. Electronic grading and weighing system, allowing to sort different weights and sizes of fertile eggs prior to packing into setter trays.

The HatchPerformance Egg Grader automatically sorts eggs of different weights and sizes at a speed of up to 28,000 eggs/hour (80 cases/hour). Paying attention to egg sizes per setter tray can lower the mortality rate after hatching and thereby increase ROI per egg, which makes it an essential part of the SANOVO HatchPerformance Line.

The small Grader can be connected to any egg conveyor belt separating incoming egg flow into up to four different weight classes per exit, with help of the digital load cell scales. It comes as stand-alone unit made in stainless steel. The stainless steel construction is designed in a compact way, with detachable shelves, easy-to-operate via touchscreen, and exportable data.

Apart from using this HatchPerformance Line module at breeder farms and hatcheries, the Egg Grader can also be used at any poultry farm where pre-weighing of eggs is required.


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