"My labor cost has come way down"

Mike Garvin bought a Hatchery packer

Mike Garvin has four farms in Winnsboro, Texas. 

"And these girls (the chicken), they have done their job. They have put the eggs in the nest. Now it is my turn to get them in the hatchery, where it needs to be. And if my eggs go in and it is not packed right, if it is upside down, if it don't hatch, I don't eat."

"As you all know on the farm labor is our number one problem. Now that I have installed my SANOVO packer, what I have noticed is: My labor cost has come way down, because I don't need as many hands. Plus the packing of my eggs is more consistent. The cracks are near nonexistent now, and it has just been a pleasure to have this. It has improved our quality, given us a little more free time, and it is just one of the things of technology, that we just need to learn to embrace here on the farm."


View this video with Mike Garvin and learn more about his experience with our Hatchery packer.

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