Poultry disinfection for meat processors

✓ Improve food safety

✓ Chemical-free disinfection

✓ Low running costs

✓ Worldwide delivery

Chemical-free disinfection system

Chemical-free disinfection system

Are you looking to solve some of the following issues related to broiler carcass production?

  • Control pathogen invasion of your products
  • Control Salmonella and Campylobacter levels
  • Increase product value through longer shelf-life
  • Protect against product recalls
  • Alternative to a chemical-based disinfection

💨 SonoSteam decontamination technology protects your production chain from microbial invasion:

Sonosteam nozzle

Chemical-free & sustainable

SonoSteam is a chemical-free and sustainable technology. The technology offers the markets fastest processing speed from 6,000 – 15,000 birds/h and the lowest running cost with less than 0,0025 EUR per bird.


Elimination of pathogens

SonoSteam technology has shown significant reduction and elimination of pathogens such as Salmonella and Campylobacter. It is also very effective against food spoilage bacteria.

Sonosteam in production

Trusted by food authorities

SonoSteam is in use today at several processing lines in Europe. The technology was evaluated in cooperation with food producers and food authorities in Denmark and in UK. 

What is SonoSteam and how can poultry processors benefit?

FAQ - Poultry Disinfection System ☝️

The cost of one unit poultry disinfection system depends on the capacity of the system and whether alterations are required to the design of the system. The capacity of the system is from 6,000 – 15,000 birds/h.  

The disinfection equipment for broilers is compact and consists of modules to make many layouts possible. Alternatively, the system can be installed from the ceiling above the line to gain floor space and free working areas. The designs of the poultry system are very flexible and is offered in different configurations that fits most production lines, whether there are bends and heights to consider.

Microbial reduction or elimination happens so quickly, that the depth of heat entrance into the surface of the product is kept at a minimum. The process can be stopped before the surface is thermally damaged. The processing time is within 1-2 seconds of exposure.

The system for poultry disinfection has been assessed together with food authorities in Denmark and in UK. The results show significant reductions in pathogens and improved shelf-life.  

What is SonoSteam and how does the process work on microbial kill?

Working Principle

SonoSteam is a short treatment of combined steam and ultrasound, ideal for disinfection of delicate food products such as poultry meat. The combined effect from steam and ultrasound are delivered through specially designed nozzles. This simple construction offers easy and effective disinfection.

Catalyzing Effect

Catalyzing Effect

Industrial, chemical-free poultry disinfection system

IA Poultry decontamination system

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